The Gods and Goddesses of the Incas
In the legends of the Incas, it is said that the God Viracocha created the Earth, Sky and people.  He did not create the Sun in the beginning, however.  But the people defied Viracocha so he decided to kill them all.  A great flood came and drowned all but two, a male and female, who hid in a box.  The waters carried them to Tihuanaco and the waters receded when they reached that destination.  After this, the God forgave the two survivors and created many more different tribes of people from clay.  He gave them breath and life, their languages and songs, and seeds for them to plant and sow.  Viracocha spread these nations of people through out the world through underground passages.  It was still dark, however, so Viracocha created the Sun, Moon and stars which he sent into the heavens from Lake Titicaca.

Religiously, the Incas were quite tolerant of the beliefs of their conquered subjects as long as the worship did not interfere with the new obligations laid upon them by Incan religious leaders.  The Incan pantheon was also forced upon them over the pre-existing deities and was considered of greater importance.  The prime deity of the Incas, as you may have guessed, is Viracocha, the Creator God.  Although he is the prime deity, he was considered not among them and invisible.  No temples were created for him.  Inti, the Sun god, was thought to be his representation in the physical world.

The Gods and Goddesses

Other Names: "The long-haired Star (Venus)."
Description: Goddess who cared for princesses, girls and flowers.

Description:  Storm and weather god, shown as a man with war club and sling.
Rules Over: Thunder and lightning.

Other Names: Apu Punchaur.
Description:  Sun God.  Represented by a great golden disk with a face, but in the Incan mind he was thought to have a human form.  His annual festival was to celebrate the harvest of maize.  Chanting lasted from sunrise to sunset with continual animal sacrifices.
Rules Over:  Fertility, crops.

Mama Cocha
Other Names:  "Mother Sea."
Description:  Worshipped especially on the Peruvian coast.
Rules Over: Fishing.

Mama Quilla
Other Names:  "Mother Moon."
Description:  Moon Goddess.  She was depicted as a silverdisk with a human face.  Wife of Inti.  She was not worshipped by many, and was connected with the calendar and festivals.
Rules Over:  Protectress of women, the calendar, religious festivals.

Manco Capac
Description:  Sun god.  Youngest son of the Sun.  Founder of Cuzco.
Rules Over:  Magick.

Other Names:  "Lord of the Earth."

Description:  Pictured as a tall white man who worked miracles, also said to create earthquakes.  Sacrifices of animals and humans were performed every year to him.
Rules Over:  The arts, occupations and oracles.

Description:  God of the Underworld and death.  One-hundred children were sacrificed every year to him.  He was considered a greedy god, always wanting to increase the number of his followers.
Rules Over: Death.

Description:  God of underground treasures.  Represented as a snake with a deers head and a tail decorated with gold chains.
Rules Over: Treasure.

Other Names:  Huiracocha.
Description:  Great God without beginning or end.  Inca legend said he lived in heaven and maintained the world, however, they also believed he left many futions of the universe and humankind to the lesser gods.  He was thought of in human form.  Giver of the arts of civilization.
Rules Over:  Sun, storm, lightning, oracles, languages, moral codes, rain, water, fertility.