The Gods and Goddess of Finnish-Ugrian Places
Finnish religious leaders were usually called shamans.  The shamans did magick, conjuration, incantations and spells to control men, animals, divine or demonic entities and inanimate beings.  It was a privilege to be a shaman.  Only the highest grade of sorcerer was allowed to use a drum and raise spirits.

The Finno-Ugric races honored acestors, worshpped a variety of spirits and believed firmly in magick and sorcery.  They believed in personal and Nature gods.  Ilmatar was viewed as a Creator Goddess while Mielikki was called Mistress of the Forest.  Ancient chants still used among the Finns call upon the spirits of Nature for help.  Wild forst animals were considered the herds and property of teh woodland God Tapio and his gorgeous wife.  Because of this, before any hunt, prayers and offerings had to be given.  If a bear were killed, the hunter would ask for forgiveness of the dead bear and ask its spirit to join in the feast and celebration.

The Gods and Goddesses

Other Names:  Ahti.
Description:  Chief god of waters and seas.  Husband of Vellamo.
Rules Over:  Water, sea.

Other Names:  Maa-Emoinen, Mader-Akka, Rauni.
Description:  Earth Mother, Goddess of the harvest and feminine sexuality. Wife of Ukko.
Rules Over:  Harvest, fertility, earth magick.

Description:  Group of evil spirit that worked with Lempo and Paha.
Rules Over:  Evil, skilled sorcerers, necromancers, spells, sacred drums, trance, chanting.

Description:  God of air.  Father of Ilmatar.
Rules Over: Air.

Other Names:  Lounnotar.
Description:  Virgin daughter of Air, Sky Mother, Water Mother, Creatress Goddess, Daughter of Nature, Mother of the Waters.
Rules Over: Immense powers.

Description:  God smith who forged the mysterious, powerful talisman Sampo.
Rules Over:  Smiths, magick, talismans, prosperity.

Other Names:  Mader-Atcha.
Description:  Creator God, originally probably a sky god.
Rules Over:  Sky, thunder, weather, twilight, dusk.

Description: Goddess of Death.  Daughter of Tuoni and Tuonetar.
Rules Over:  Death.

Description:  Goddess of Illness.  Daughter of Tuoni.
Rules Over:  Illness.

Description:  Moon Goddess.

Description:  Bear God.
Rules Over:  Luck in hunting, protection from injuries.

Description:  Goddess of sorcery, evil, dark magick.
Rules Over:  Sorcery, evil, dark magick.

Description:  Daughter Goddess of Tuoni and Tuonetar.  Diseases came to be from her union with the Wind.
Rules Over:  Plagues, all evil.

Description:  Goddess of the Forest.  Wife of Tapio and mother of Tuulikki and Nyyrikki.  Protectress of woodland animals.  Goddess of the Hunt.
Rules Over:  Bears, hunting, animals, archery, abundant grain.

Mother of Metsola
Description:  Forest Goddess.
Rules Over:  Forest.

Description:  Samoyed sky god.
Rules Over:  Sky.

Description:  Vogul sky god who created all animals.
Rules Over:  Animals.

Description:  Sun God.
Rules Over:  Sun.

Description:  God of fields, trees and plants.
Rules Over:  Fields, trees, plants, harvest, fertility.

Other Names:  Maan-Eno, Ravdna, Roonikka.
Descriptoin:  Forest Mother, Thunder Goddess.  One of the most powerful deities and wife of thunder.
Rules Over:  Childbirth, ease from pain.

Description:  God of water and woods.  Husband of Mielikki, father of Nyyrikki and Tuulikki.  Wore a fir hat and moss cloak.
Rules Over:  Abundance of game.

Description:  Lord of Tuonela/Manala (underworld).
Rules Over: Death.

Description:  God of the sky and air, Supreme God, highest of gods.
Rules Over:  Clouds, rains, thunder, help with the impossible.

Description:  "Old woman of the dead."  Has charge of the underworld.
Rules Over:  Underworld.