Stone Spells
Note:  All spells should be done with cleansed stones!

Show Me The Money! Spell: Need some money?  Try this spell out for size:

What you need:  Lodestone, Currency (High denomination bills are good to use).

What to do:  Relax.  Take the currency and put it on a table.  Take the lodestone and hold it between your hands.  Charge the Stone with green money attracting energy.  As you charge visualize yourself having plenty of money in the bank or your wallet to pay your bills with.  See yourself with plenty of money in your hand.  Keep these visualizations up for a few minutes and then say this over and over again:

"Stone of Power
I draw this hour
Money and Prosperity
To me."

Place the lodestone on the dollar bill and revisualize yourself having plenty of money for a minute or so while gazing at the stone on top of the money while keeping the chant going.  After you are finished with this pull the currency out from under the stone and put it in your wallet (or bank account if you can) and just leave the stone out in a safe place to attract money.

Home Sweet Home Spell:  Want to give your house a nice peaceful atmosphere?  This is the spell for you.

What you need:  Rose Quartz and a Blue or White Candle.

What to do:  Relax.  Take the Rose Quartz in your hand and charge it with loving energy.  Try to feel the emotion of love in yourself and send it into the stone.  Focus on this feeling and sending the feeling into the stone for a few minutes.  After you have done this, set the stone on the table and take the blue candle.  Charge it with nice calm blue energy for a few minutes.  When done with this set it down and light the candle, place the stone as close to the base of the candle as it can be.  Now visualize the pink and blue energies mix and start sending waves throughout the entire house of peace and love for a minute or so and then do something else, letting the candle and stone do their magick.  (NOTE: NEVER leave a candle unattended)  Repeat as needed.

Stone Protection:  Feel like you need a little extra protection?  Try this.

What you need:  Black Tourmaline.

What to do:  Relax.  Take the Black Tourmaline in your hand and visualize the Tourmaline growing HUGE, big enough for you to fit into if it was hollow.  Then see it move into you, surrounding you and your energy entirely.  See all negativity and negative influences getting blasted back and far far away from you as it surrounds you.  See yourself, safe, within the stone for 5 to 10 minutes.  After you have done this say to yourself:

"This Shield of Protection
Shall protect me from all harm
At all times and in all ways.
It is so."

Wear the Black Tourmaline (if it's a piece of jewelry) or stick it in a pocket.  You are protected.  Repeat whenever you feel vulnerable or even weekly to keep up and build up this Stone Protection.

Doctor Bloodstone:  Sick or wounded and want to speed your recovery?  Try some Bloodstone.

What you need:  Piece of paper, Pencil and Bloodstone.

What to do:  Draw on the piece of paper a rough human outline.  No need to be detailed, but if you like be as detailed as you want.  You will be drawing youself.  Don't forget to draw where the sickness or wound is.  Draw a cut bleeding for instance for a wound.  For sickness you can draw something to represent disease.  After you are finished with the drawing, visualize yourself in the picture, superimposed over it for a minute.  Now, take out the Bloodstone and charge it with nice powerful green healing energy (Use earth energy if sick).  Now place it on top of the areas that are wounded/sick.  (NOTE: You will need more then one bloodstone piece if you more than one different areas of sickness or wounds)  If you have a sore throat, place the stone on the drawings throat.  When you have the stone in place visualize the energy from the stone going into the sore throat and eradicating it and then rebuilding damaged tissue, healing,  etc.  Visualize this for 5 minutes (spend 5 mins on each afflicted area).  Then just leave the stone on the afflicted area until you are healed.  Repeat every 24 hours.