Cleansing Your Stones

It is important to cleanse your stones when you first get them, just before using them and also after you finish using them.  You do this because when you first get them chances are they have come in contact with many people and many different kinds of energies.  It is a good idea to cleanse the stone of all foreign vibrations so they don't get in the way of your work with the stone.  The reason it is a good idea to cleanse them just before you use them is so that just in case it came in contact with any unfavorable vibrations and so you have fresh clean energy to work with.  The reason it is a good idea to cleanse them after you are finished using them (meaning after the spell or charms have been completed and the stone is no longer needed) is basically a good measure to ensure you don't have any left over 'programmed' energy in the stone (residue).    There are various ways to cleanse your stones.  Below are some techniques.

On Handling Stones:  It is a good idea not to let many if any people handle your stones after you have cleansed them because they will leave their energies on the stone.  If you do let people handle them, I suggest only letting people who you trust.

Elemental Cleansing:  This Rite uses the cleansing powers of the Elements.

What you will need:  Sandalwood/Rosemary/Sage Incense, Candle & Matches, Bowl of Water, Salt.

What to do:  Set up your supplies on a table.  Light the incense and the smoke.  Add a pinch or two of salt to the bowl of water and stir it for a few seconds.  Get your  rocks together and individually take each stone and first pass it through the incense, completely getting the smoke on it.  While you are doing this visualize the smoke blowing all the negativity in the stone away.  Say something like:

"I purify you through the cleansing powers of Air!"

Next pass the stone through the candle flame a few times, visualizing the fire burning away any negativity in the stone and say something like:

"I purify you through the cleansing powers of Fire!"

Next plop the stone in the salt-water for a few minutes while visualizing the salt-water dissolving and negating any other negativity in the stone. Say something like:

"I purify you through the cleansing powers of Water & Earth!"

After it has soaked a few minutes pull it out and hold it in your hand. Visualize a ball of Divine Light appear before you and hold the stone up to that light.  Visualize the light flooding the stone and totally blasting away any negative residue on the stone and see the stone start to glow brilliantly with this light.  Say something like:

"I cleanse and bless you through the powers of Spirit!"

Try to visualize this for a minute or so.  After you have finished set the stone aside and repeat the process with the rest of your stones.

The Sun Cleansing:  This technique uses the cleansing powers of the Sun.

What you will need:  A safe place to put your stones where they can catch the light of the Sun.

What to do:  If you have a window where the sun will shine through, that will do nicely.  Simply place the stones in the light of the Sun for a few hours and the Sun will cleanse your stones.  There is also a little bonus to this technique because the Sun aside cleansing your stones charges them too!

The Salt-Water Cleansing:  This technique uses the cleansing powers of Water & Earth.

What you will need:  A bowl of water and a few pinches of salt.

What to do:  Toss in a couple pinches of salt into the water and stir the water.  If you wish, you can visualize that as you stir the salt-water a light starts to glow from it, glowing brighter and brighter with cleansing light.  Once you are done stirring, toss however many stones you want into the bowl (BTW if you plan to JAM-PACK the bowl with stones, add a few more pinches of salt before placing the stones in).  For a few minutes visualize the stones being cleansed by the salt-water, dissolving and negating all negativity into nothing.  Then go and do something else while leaving the stones to soak for an hour.  After the hour take the stones out and dry them and then place them in a safe place.

Earth Cleansing:  This technique uses the cleansing powers of Earth.

What you will need:  A safe place to bury your stones and a marker to mark the place you buried your stones.

What to do:  Dig a hole in the earth about a foot deep and place your stones in there.  Bury it up and place your marker on top of where you buried them so you know where you buried them and can retrieve them when they are cleansed.  Leave them buried for 24 hours.  The Earth will cleanse and negate all negativity as well as recharge the stones with their own unique energies.