Attuning To Your Stones

Attuning to your stones makes your connection to the stones stronger and more intimate.  If you are attuned to the stones you use you will have a greater degree of success with them.  Also, by attuning to your stones you will get used to the energy they hold and they in will get used to your own energies and the end result will be your energies mixing better.  There are various ways to go about attuning to your stones.  Below are a few ways.

Sleep Attunement:  Take the stone you want to attune to and sleep with it under your pillow.  During the night your energies will mix and you will attune to it when you are asleep.  It is not recommended you do this with stones that have very active or aggressive energy.
Spending Quality Time With Your Stones: Take the stone you want to attune to and just spend 15-30 minutes gazing at it, touching it, looking at it in the light.  Describe to yourself what it looks like, what it feels like.  What images or thoughts come to mind when you hold it?  Close your eyes and visualize yourself holding and looking at your stone, what you are doing right now.  Try to see it in your minds eye though.  While doing this try to 'sense' the vibration of the stone (For the technique, look in Beginner Magick: Class #7) for a few minutes, just familiarizing yourself with how it feels.
Constant Contact:  Put your stone in a pocket or pouch and carry it with you EVERYWHERE you go 24/7.  Whether you go out to a party or just stay home and chat online, keep it on your person at all times.  This constant contact will help attune you to the stone.