Spirit Spells
Unity:  This spell can be used to help unify anything.

What you need:  Pure intentions. 

What to do:  Relax.  Think of whatever that is not unified.  Ponder it, think about why it isn't in harmony for a few minutes.  Then visualize it being unified, in harmony and say:

"What was scattered and tattered
Is now one with me and the world.
Harmony I see within my sight
To be spread upon (what you unify) with The Spirits light.

Keep saying it over and over for 5-10 minutes and also visualize the pure harmonizing light of Spirit washing over what is to be unified.  Repeat daily until harmony manifests.

The Enlightening Light:  To be used for Spiritual Enlightenment.

What you need:  Pure intentions. 

What to do:  Before bed say this little prayer:

"Spirit of Enlightenment
Come with me to sleep.
Let me behold the knowledge I seek,
So that I may become strong yet meek."

Visualize the light of Spirit come into you.  Go to sleep and write your dreams down in the morning.  Review it later and see if you can see the lessons Spirit gave you in your dreams.

The Blessing of Spirit:  Use this to bless ANY positive endeavor or thing.

What you need:  Pure intentions. 

What to do:  Recite this invocation to Spirit:

"Spirit, I call to thee!
Bless (endeavor/thing) with your power and might!
Answer this plea I ask of thee!
Spirit of the holy light!"

Visualize the light of Spirit enter into the thing or see it envelop the endeavor.  The Blessing of Spirit is now upon it.

Spiritual Protection:  This spell uses the element of Spirit for protection:

What you need:  Your mind. 

What to do:  Relax.  Close your eyes and visualize an intense beautiful pristine white light above your head.  Draw this light down, knowing it is the element of spirit.  Let it flow through and around you totally covering your energy.  As it swirls around you, all negativity and unhealthy energy is transmuted into positive healthy energy.  Visualize this well.  After that, visualize the element of Spirit swirl around you again but this time if forms a sphere of light around you.  This sphere is so bright but it doesn't hurt to look at it.  Visualize and know that it will stay with and around you, protecting you and constantly transmuting negative vibration to positive ones.  Let it make you stronger through both the good and the bad, as the bad transmutes to good.  Visualize this sphere of protection for 5 minutes.