Attuning To Spirit
The best way to attune to an element is to get out in and/or around it!  Here are a few activities to help get you more in tune with spirit:

  Think on how Spirit contains all energy.  Muse on how it is the state of 'unbeingness'.  It's energy is pure, unformed.  How, because of this, it contains the complete balanced energy of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

When doing this, think about how Spirit affects you.  How it affects everything.  How it is vital to everything.  Feel its presence in everything.  Below is more information about Spirit:

Nature:  Unknowable yet already known.

Energy Type:  Projective and Receptive.

Some Places:  Outer space, vacuums, voids.

Some Magickal Properties:  Any religious kind.

Some Magickal Forms: Prayer, faith.

Some Magicks Ruled:  Religious, faith, Deity petition.