Shielding & Quick Words

This class will include:  Shielding & Quick Words

Technique-wise this class will include:  Creating a Shield & Creating and Using a Quickword

Shielding & Quick Words

Shields protect us psychically from all kinds of harmful energies including psychic attack, negative entities and even from free-floating energy that could collect on us and dirty our aura and chakras.  There are numerous kinds of shields and numerous ways of creating them.  In this class we are discussing basic shielding of the self.  Quick words are words or phrases that instantly perform one or multiple tasks such as opening the chakras, raising energy and grounding just by saying them to yourself.


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Creating A Shield:  To create a shield, relax, open the chakras, raise and center your energy.  Then ground.  Visualize very clearly a white protective energy surrounding you and your aura entirely in a sphere shape.  Spend however long you need on this until you can actually 'feel' yourself being surrounded in this protective light.  Know that nothing harmful can get through it after you have created the shield.  After you have mastered this shield you can move on to other kinds of shields.  You can add textures to your shields to give them certain properties.  For instance, to create a shield that reflects all the harmful energies sent at you, you could visualize the shield as a mirror surrounding you completely. Then visualize it reflecting all unwanted energies away from you.  Or for another kind of shield you could visualize yourself stepping into a suit of armor that protects you from all harm.  Use your imagination!  If you find your psychic senses are dulled or are shielded FROM sensing things you can do this: Visualize a shield and construct it.  Visualize nothing unwanted being able to but you can freely sense and send things out from yourself from your shield.

Creating & Using A Quick Word:  A quick word is created by programming your mind to do the tasks whenever the word is spoken.  For now, start with a single word. After you get one word down you may, perhaps, prefer to use phrases.
First think of what you want the quick word to do.  For these classes I suggest you have your quick word automatically relax you, open your chakras, raise and center your energy and then ground.  To create the actual quick word choose a word you do not use often. Also, it will make the word stronger if it has a connection to it's task.  For the tasks above you may choose "balance" or "equilibrium" or choose any word that describes the task in your eyes.  Next, using the example above, start to breathe deeply and relax yourself.  When you are fully relaxed say your quick word to yourself.  Then open your chakras and when they are fully open repeat the quick word to yourself.  Next, raise and center your energy and when you have finished that repeat the quick word to yourself.  Finally, ground yourself and repeat the quickword.  It will take a week or two to get your quick word fixed in your mind.  When you think your quick word has been programmed into your brain, just say it to yourself and see what happens.  You will instantly relax and feel your energies moving etc.  So, something that took you maybe 10-15 minutes to do before takes you less then a minute or two now.  For phrases, use the same technique except use a phrase instead of a word.

It is recommended for you to take AT LEAST ONE week to practice and learn the techniques
above before continuing on with the classes.
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  You mentioned Free-floating energy.  What is it, how is it caused?
Answer:  Let's say someone gets in an argument, they produce energy.. which is why you can feel 'tension' in a room.. now if you weren't there for the fight and came in later the energy residue and stuff would still be floating around and it could get onto and into your energy, a shield protects against this.

2.  Could you actually destroy negative energy (instead of deflecting it) by visualizing a shield that absorbs it?
Answer:  You could.  You can also create a shield that transmutes negative energy into positive energy.