Ritual Tools
All that is discussed within this page is from the perspective of the creator of the page.  Different traditions may view the Ritual Tools differently.  This information is to help point you in the right direction so you may come to your own conclusions on the 'specifics' of the tools such as is the Athamé associated with Fire or Air.  What is given is the basic function and uses for Ritual Tools.
The athamé is used in ritual to direct energy.  It is never used to cut anything physical.  It is associated with Fire and predominantly used for banishment.  It is used to disperse or 'draw up' the magick circle.  It represents the Masculine.

The Bolline is used to harvest herbs, carve symbols into candles, etc.  It is basically the tool used for all the mundane work and crafting.  It is associated with Earth.

Ritual Bowl:
The ritual bowl is used to mix cleansing and other kinds of mixtures, scry, and represent the feminine.  It is associated with Water.


The cauldron is used to burn things in, mix spells and potions in, etc.  It can also be used for scrying and it represents the Feminine.  Usually it is an iron cast pot.  It does not need to be huge.  The one shown is less then a foot in diameter.  It is associated with Water.


The censor is used to burn incense in for honoring something, specific magickal purposes, cleansing spaces, etc.  It is associated with Air.


The chalice is used honor the Gods in the Sacred Meal and to represent the Feminine.  It is associated with Water.


Ritual Jewelry:
Ritual jewelry can be used to help put the Magician in the magickal state of mind when they put it on.  This is usually only effective if they wear the jewelry ONLY in ritual.  The jewelry will also be charged with energy over time as they are worn during magickal procedures.


Illuminators are good to help see during ritual.  Things such as large candles and oil lamps are good to use if you do not with to use artificial lighting.


Morter & Pestle:
The morter & pestle is used to powder things such as salt, herbs, etc.  It is also used to grind up herbs for spells or rituals.  It is associated with Earth.


The pentacle is used to bless things on, honor the Gods in the Sacred Meal, a focal point for the altar.  It is associated with Earth.


The wand is used to direct energy.  Its predominant use is invoking or calling things.  It is often used to cast the magick circle.  It is associated with Air.  It represents the Masculine.

NOTE:  None of the above tools are EVER used for blood letting.