Class #2: Raising Energy & Grounding

This class will include:  Raising Energy & Grounding.

Technique-wise this class will include:  Raising Energy, Raising Earth Energy & Grounding.

Raising Energy

Raising Energy is the process of gathering energy into yourself and containing it so you may use it in spells, charms, etc.  This class will teach you how to raise and contain your own energy as well as raise Earth energy.


Grounding is the process of getting rid of excess energy by pouring it into the Earth.  It  also creates a connection to the Earth, stabilizes, centers and calms you.  Grounding can be done at anytime.  It is useful not only in magick but as an exercise for calming yourself during emotional and stressful times. 


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It is best to do the Relaxation exercise before trying these techniques since it helps you to become more focused and stills your mind.
Relaxing before all techniques will make them easier.

Raising Energy: After you have learned to sense and move your personal energy, (which is what you learned in Class #1), start focusing the energy in your stomach.  To do this visualize the waterfall of energy going inward to your stomach forming it into a ball.  You might get a full or bubbly feeling in your stomach.  This is normal as this is the energy ball forming in your stomach.  Now you have a resevoir of energy within your center to draw upon.  Take your time and spend however long you need to fully visualize everything as clearly as possible.  Practice no more then twice a day.

Raising Earth Energy:  This technique explains how to raise energy from the Earth into yourself.  Drawing energy from the earth will help connect you closer to the Earth.  To draw energy from the Earth, clear your mind and then visualize energy coming up through the Earth as a green or bronze colored ball.  See it rise slowly each time you inhale until it reaches your feet.  Then visualize it enter through your feet into you and travel up to your stomach.  From there, visualize it dispersing throughout your body and mixing with your own personal energy.  After it mixes a few moments, bring it back to your stomach where it forms a multicolored ball.  Again you might feel a full or bubbly feeling and this is natural.  If it bothers you too much you can Ground the energy back into the earth.  Take your time and spend however long you need to fully visualize everything as clearly as possible.  Take your time and spend however long you need to fully visualize everything as clearly as possible.  Practice no more then twice a day.

Grounding:  Clear your mind, and concentrate, on the earth. Visualize energy coming up through the earth as a green or bronze colored ball.  Bring the energy up through you to your stomach then visualize it dispersing throughout you body and mixing with your own personal energy then draining back into the earth anchoring you to it like roots anchor a tree into the ground. Feel the earth's energy pulsing strong and steady into your "roots" then up through you, making you feel stable and strong and sturdy.  This Grounds you and helps you attune to the earth. If you start to feel light headed or shaky when doing any techniques etc. Ground yourself.  This is caused by your body not being used to raising energy and containing it.  Take your time and spend however long you need to fully visualize everything as clearly as possible.  Practice as often as needed, however, since you are just learning this exercise try not to practice more than twice a day for now.

It is recommended for you to take AT LEAST ONE week to practice and learn the techniques
above before continuing on with the classes.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. I tend to picture Earth energy flowing like magma, is that okay?
Answer:  Yup, use whatever works for you.

2.  Why do you choose to draw from the Earth instead of the sky or the Water?
Answer:  Because this is a Beginner Class, drawing from other sources comes later.

3.  Does grounding also work with fire, water, air (and anymore if there are any) as well, or are there separate techniques for those?
Answer:  I would not recommend doing that as each element has their own properties.  The purpose of Grounding is to anchor you, calm you, relieve you of excess energy.  For instance, fire would make you hyper; water would make you over emotional etc.  You want to be calm and relaxed, not hyper etc.  Only the Earth can ground you hence the word "Ground".  *points to the Ground*

4. What if you are naturally attuned to one of the other elements besides Earth?  Could you use them for Grounding instead?
Answer:  Attuning to the elements and grounding are not quite the same thing.  You Ground with Earth.

5.  When one's thoughts are in silence, does it mean one is grounded?
Answer:  Yes and no.  If you are Grounding and that happens yes.  If you are just sitting and being quiet, it means your sitting and being quiet.

6.  You said a ball of brown or bronze energy coming up through the ground. I can't picture it coming up through me unless it came up through my legs.  Wouldnt that be two energy balls, or would that not work?  Also, what if I'm more comfortable seeing the earth energy as green or golden?
Answer:  If it helps you to divide the energy while absorbing it, that is fine.  As for color, yes, imagine the energy as you are most comfortable imagining it.  Use whatever works.

7.  Does it matter if my feet are together or apart when Grounding?
Answer:  Nope, do what feels right.

8.  What do you mean when you say "see" the energy enter me in the exercises?? Am I supposed to see this physically??
Answer:  See = Visualize.