The R Stones
Red Jasper:  Opauqe Orangey-Red
Magickal Properties:  Protection, Defensive Magick, Healing, Beauty, Grace, Promotes Physical Stamina, Reduces Insecurities & Fears, Increases sensitivity to earth, Helps ground you, Aids in healing Liver & Bile Ducts and Clairoliance.

Rhodonite:  Pink with Sparkles of Black Lead
Magickal Properties:  Peace, Anti-Confusion, Raises Self-Worth, Gives Aura of Elegance, Self-Confidence, Restores Physical Energy and Self-Esteem.

Rose Quartz:  Opaque & Translucent Pink
Magickal Properties:  Love, Peace, Happiness, Fidelity, Brings Circulation to Normal, Courage, Boldness, Action, Blood Purifier, Stimulation & Active Expression of Sex Drive and Increases Physical Energy.