The Gods and Goddesses of Greece
The main purpose of Greek religion was to enlist the aid and placate the anger of the gods.  Although they did not have any set rituals to perform daily, their beliefs gave them occasions to religious acts daily.  For instance, if a coin was found, thanks was given to Hermes, God of Treasure.  Their creation story goes something like this:  In the very beginning was only the dark void and Gaea, the Earth.  The Dark void alone produced Erebus and Night;  Gaea gave birth to Uranus (the sky).  Then together Gaea and Uranus produced the Titans (six male and six female giants), three headed monsters called the Centimanes and the Cyclopes.  The Titans were considered the ancestors of humankind, inventors of the arts and magick.
The Gods and Goddesses

Description:  Keeper of the winds, but not always able to control them.
Rules Over:  The Winds.

Other Names:  Adon, Adonai.
Rules Over:  Rebirth, the seasons, love and beauty.

Other Names:  Marianna or "La Mer"  meaning "the Ocean."
Description:  Beautiful, voluptuous, blue-eyed and light haired woman.
Rules Over:  Love, beauty, joy of physical love, sensuality, passion, generosity, all forms of partnerships and relationships, affection, fertility, continued creation, renewal.

Description:  Extremely handsome, perfectly built male with light hair.
Rules Over:  Prophecy, poetry, music, medicine, oracles, healing, reason, inspiration, magick, the arts, divination, harmony, spiritual goals gained through use of the arts, ravens, earthquakes, woodlands, springs.

Description:  Crested helmet, thought of as very rough and tough, insensitive, greatly concerned with his male image.
Rules Over:  War, terror, uncontrolled anger, revenge, courage without thought, raw energy, brute strength, untamed passions, any situation where sheer stamina is needed.

Description:  Tall, slim, lovely dressed in a short tunic.  Chariot pulled by silver stags.
Rules Over:  Singers, protector of young girls, mistress of magick, sorcery, enchantment, psychic power, women's fertility, purification, sports, exercise, good weather for travellers, countryside, the hunt, mental healing, dance, wild animals, forests, mountains, woodland medicines, juniper, healing.

Other Names:  Asklepios, Aesclepius.
Description:  Son of Apollo.
Rules Over:  Snakes, revival of the dead, healing.

Other Names:  Athena.
Rules Over:  Writing, music, sciences, sculptors, potters, architects, wisdom, arts and skills, renewal, true justice, protection (both psychic and physical), prudence, wise counsel, peace, embroidery, horses and oxen, snakes, pillars, trees, olive boughs, battle strategy, weaving.

Description:  Thracian Goddess.
Rules Over:  Moon and fertility.

Description:  Depicted with a man's upper body and a serpent's tail, sometimes winged and with two faces looking forward and backward.  God of the North wind.
Rules Over:  North Wind.

Other Names:  Dictynna.
Description:  Cretan virgin forest huntress.
Rules Over:  Chastity.

Other Names:  Graces.
Description:  Triad of Moon Goddesses.  Aphrodite's companions.  Nude and dancing.
Their Names: Aglaia, Thalia and Euphrosyne.  (Shining One, flowering one/abundance, one who makes glad/joy)

Description:  Moon Goddess, death-bird.
Rules Over:  Physical love, sorcery, enchantments, evil spells, vengeance, dark magick, witchcraft, cauldrons.

Other Names:  Cronos, Kronos.
Description:  Father Time.
Rules Over:  Abundance, agriculture, earth's riches, prosperity, the arts and magick.

Other Names:  Kybele.
Description:  Phrygian goddess of the earth and caverns.  Carried a scourge of knuckle bones and liked pearls and cypress.
Rules Over:  Natural world and its formations, wild beasts (especially lions), dominion over wild animals, dark magick, revenge.

Description:  Divine spirits born from the fingerprints of Rhea.  Five males from her right hand, five females from her left.  They were blacksmiths, magi, founders of meter, inventors of magickal formulae.  A form of earth elementals.

Description:  Matron with beautiful hair, wearing a blue robe and carrying a sheaf of wheat.  She was crowned with ears of corn or ribbons and held a scepter.
Rules Over:  Crops, corn, the plow, initiation, renewal, rebirth, vegetation, fruitfulness, agriculture, civilization, law, motherhood, marriage, maternal love, fidelity,  magickal philosophy, expansion, higher magick, soil, all growing things.

Other Names:  Dithyrambos.
Rules Over:  Pleasure, ecstasy, total abandon, woodlands, nature, wine, initiation, rituals, rebirth, regeneration, civilization.

Other Names:  Aurora.
Description:  Shown riding on Pegasus in a purple or gold chariot.
Rules Over: Dawn.

Other Names:  Eumenides.
Description:  Triad of Virgin Goddesses who tracked down those who wrongly shed blood, especially that of a mothers.
Their Names:  Allecto, Tisiphone, Megaera.  (Beginnings/unending, continuation/retaliation, death and rebirth/envious fury)

Description:  Beautiful but wanton boy with a golden quiver of arrows of desire and physical attraction.
Rules Over:  Erotic love.

Other Names:  Apheliotes.
Description:  God of East Wind.
Rules Over:  East, renewing, intelligence.

Other Names:  Gaia.
Description:  Earth-omnipotent.
Rules Over:  Motherhood, agricultural fertility, marriage, dreams, trance, divination, oracles, healing.

The Graiae
Other Names:  The Graeae.
Description:  Triad of Mother Goddesses.  Three goddesses who shared one all-seeing eye.
Their Names:  Enyo, Pemphredo and Deino. (Fear, dread and terror)
Rules Over:  War, retribution and divination.

Description:  Mysterious and terrifying god of death and benign god of prosperity.  House of Hades was the place of shades or the dead.
Rules Over:  Crops, minerals, spring water, gem stones, material gain, elimination of fear of death, astral projection.

Description:  She could change forms or ages and rejuvenate or kill.
Rules Over:  Witches, waning moon, dark magick, prophecy, charms and spells, vengeance, expiations, averting evil, enchantments, riches, victory, wisdom, transformation, reincarnation, incancations, dogs, purification, prosperity, destruction, limit, ends, choices, crossroads, annihilation, curses, sky, earth fertility, victory, wealth, magickal charms, hauntings, destructive storms, revenge, change, renewal and regeneration.

Description:  Sun God.  9 (or 7 depending on who you ask) winged white fire-breathing horses pulled his golden chariot, he wore a golden helmet and breastplate.
Rules Over:  RIches, enlightenment, victory.

Description:  Magician of metal and gems for the Olympians.
Rules Over:  Blacksmiths, metalworkers, thunder, lightning, fire, subterranean fires, volcanoes, industry, artisans, craftsmen, jewelry making, mechanics, micro electronics, manual dexterity, hard work, inventiveness, all creative crafts, engineering, building construction.

Description:  Wearing a veil and a matron dress, exceedingly noble.  Held a scepter and a pomegranate.  Sometimes carried a sickle.
Rules Over:  Fertility, renewal, purification, the Moon, the sky, flowers, willow, myrtle wreath, death, pain, punishment.

Description:  Greek Hero-Demigod.
Rules Over:  Strength, courage, joy and wine.

Description:  Slim athletic young man carrying a caduceus and wearing winged sandals and a helmet.
Rules Over:  Roads, good luck, fortune, all kinds of profit, commerce, transport, thievery, liars, treaties, boxing, gymnastics, alphabet, letters, orthodox medicine, occult wisdom, measuring and weighing, astronomy and astrology, music, divination by dice, cunning, success, magick, travel, profits, gambling, mischief, crossroads, athletics, eloquence, merchants, speed, ingenuity, intelligence, diplomacy, finding the way when lost, journalism.

Description:  Virgin goddess.  Oldest of the Olympians.
Rules Over:  Circles, discipline, dedication to duty, humility, modesty, prudence, acceptance, continuity, service to others.

Description:  The Hours or Seasons.  Guardian Goddesses of Nature and rain.
Their Names:  Eunomia (order), Dike (justice), Carpo (fruit) and Irene/Eirene (peace_.
Rules Over:  Law, justice, peace, protection of young people.

Description:  God of sleep.  Caused sleep by touching the eyelidds with his fingers or fanning the person with his dark wings.  Had three sons:  Morpheus, Phoebetor and Phantasus.  The sons occupied the mind of the dreamer while their soul traveled. Through their dreams they entertained, warned or punished.
Rules Over:  Sleep.  His sons rule over Dreams.

Description:  Rainbow Goddess. Messenger between the Gods and humans.   Had golden wings on her shoulders and carried the caduceus.
Rules Over:  Telepathic communications between the gods and humans.

Other Names:  Moirai, The Fates.
Description:  Three deities who decided teh destiny of each individual.  Clothos spun the thread of life, Lachesis measured it out and Atropos cut it.  Nemesis could interfere with Atropos to allow a longer life.  Often accompanied by the Keres (Dogs of Hades) who were three beings with sharp teeth and robed in red.
Rules Over:  Life, death, destiny, union.

The Muses
Description:  Companions of Apollo.  Goddesses of springs, memory and poetry. There were nine.
Their Names:  Clio (history), Euterpe (flute playing), Thaleia (Comedy), Melpomene (tragedy), Terpsichore (dancing and lyric poetry), Erato (love poetry), Polyhymnia (mime), Urania (astronomy), Calliope (epic poetry).
Rules Over: The Arts.

Other Names:  Adrasteia.
Description:  Depicted with a wreath on her head, apple in her left hand and a bowl in her right.
Rules Over:  Destiny, divine anger against mortals who broke moral laws or taboos.

Description:  A Greek general term for all fairies, nymphs, mermaids, female nature spirits.  They were shapeshifters.

Description:  God fo the sea.
Rules Over:  Divination, shapeshifting.

Description:  Goddess of Victory.  Had 3 sisters:  Bia (violence), Zelos (jealousy) and Kratos (force).  Nike was winged and carried a palm branch.
Rules Over:  Victory.

Description:  God of South Wind.
Rules Over:  South, happiness, change, passion, bringer of the rain.

Description:  Female spirits of water, plants and earth.  Naiads were nymphs of brooks.  Crenae/Pegae of springs.  Limnads of stagnant waters.  Oreads of grottoes and mountains.  Dryads of forests and trees.  Hamadryads of specific trees.  The Napaeae, the Auloniads, the Hylaeorae and the Alsaeids of woods and valleys.
Rules Over:  Prophecy, oracles, healing, flowers, fields, flocks.

Other Names:  Oceanos.
Description:  Ancient sea god who took part in creation of cosmos out of chaos.  His power was later given to Poseidon.  Invented arts and magick.
Rulses Over:  Arts and magick.

Description:  Horned and hoofed woodland god.  Ruler of all nature apirits.
Rules Over:  All nature spirits, male sexuality, animals, fertility, Nature, woodlands, vocal powers, gardening, healing, plants, music, dance, farming, medicine, soothsaying, flocks, agriculture, bee-keeping, fishing, orchards, gardens, terror and panic.

Other Names:  Kore (before she became the wife of Hades).
Description:  Depicted carrying a cornucopia.
Rules Over:  Corn, the seasons, underworld, rest, winter, surviving, overcoming obstacles.

Description:  Mature, bearded man.  Supreme lord of inner and outer seas.
Rules Over:  Storms, all marine life, intuition, human emotions, sailors, ships, hurricanes, rain, weather, revenge.

Description:  God of fertility and animals depicted with an enormous phallus.
Rules Over:  Healing and also healing through sleep.

Description:  The titan who stole fire from the forge of Hephaestus and gave it to humans.
Rules Over:  Creation and fire.

Description:  Cretan Universal Mother.
Rules Over:  Plant life, fertility, arts and magick.

Other Names:  Mene.
Rules Over:  Beautiful woman with a gold crown.  Moon Goddess who was the second astpect of the Moon.
Rules Over:  Magick, spells, enchantments.

Descriptoin:  Carried a pair of scales.  Another form of the earth mother, personifying law and order.
Rules Over:  Collective consciousness, social order, law, peace, settlement of disagreements, justice and righteousness, feasts, gatherings, oath-swearing, wisdom, prophecy, order, childbirth, courts and judges, arts and magick.

Description:  Mermen of the Mediterranean with fish-like tails and scales on the body.  Had sharp teeth and webbed fingers with long claws.  They could change their tails to legs to walk on land.  It was the duty of the Tritons to harness dolphins to POseidon's chariot and blow conch horns as they swarmed before the Lord of the Ocean.

Other Names:  Ouranos.
Description:  Original Great God, husband of Gaea and father of the twelve divine Olympians.
Rules Over:  Sky and heavens.

Description:  God of West Wind.
Rules Over:  Calm, peace of mind, love and emotions, west wind.

Description:  Supreme God pictured wearing a crown of oak leaves and a mantle with his chest and right arm bare.  Carried a scepter in his left hand and a thunderbolt and eage at his feet.
Rules Over:  All high things, clouds, rain, wind, thunder, lightning, mountain tops, wisdom, justice, popularity, law, honor, riches, friendships, health, luck, heart's desire.