Class # 1:  Fundamentals of Magick

What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners.  They have been developed and found to work by FireyOne.  It is good to remember that complex does not always mean better.  Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well.  What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.  For instance, they are the basics of psychic abilities, magick ability, developing your mystical sides and so on.  Some of the techniques taught will include:  Relaxation, Visualization, Moving Personal Energy, Charging, Shielding, etc.

This class will include: Why it is spelled with a 'K', What "Magick" is, what the main power sources of Magick are, and the 2 basic forms of Magick.

Technique-wise this class will include:  Clearing the mind, visualization, sensing energy, moving energy.

Why Is Magick Spelled With A "K"?

The reasons most practitioners spell Magick with a "K" is to show it is different from sleight-of-hand and stage magic.

What is "Magick"?

Most people when they hear the word "Magick" think of something done behind closed doors and shaded windows or that it involves pacts with the devil, conjuring demons or that it is too complex for the average person to learn.  These thoughts are all wrong.  Magick has nothing to do with what was just mentioned.  In fact, most users of Magick do not even believe in the devil and a "Satanic Witch" or "Satanic Shaman" or whatever is an oxymoron.  How can you worship or follow something you do not believe in?

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change.  Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it.  Magick has been used by the Native Americans, Aztecs, Incas, Celts, Greeks, Romans and many other cultures throughout the world and throughout time.  I can't think of even one culture that does not have their own form of magick.  Magick is done everytime you pray.. everytime you wish for something.  Magick can be done by anyone with an open mind and who takes the time to try it.  Magick involves using your mind and will to affect the energy
in and around you to perform the task or spell you direct it to.

The Main Power Sources of Magick

There are 3 main sources of energy:

Personal Energy: The energy that resides within you and is emanated from your body.  Psychics see this energy as your aura.

Earth Energy: The energy that resides within trees, plants, rocks, etc.  Nature.

Divine Energy: Energy from the Gods and other Deities.

What Are The 2 Main Types of Magick?

The 2 main types of Magick is White Magick and Black Magick. White Magick is Magick that heals or helps, it is not used to
manipulate people etc.  It is sometimes called Good Magick.  Black magick is magick used to manipulate people, perform curses etc.  It is sometimes called Dark or Bad Magick.

In all actuality Magick is neither good nor bad. Magick is a tool; it is how we use the tool that constitutes as good or bad.  For example a knife can be used to help cut things, heal people etc; but it can also be used for evil such as to kill people, hurt people etc.   The knife is niether good or bad. What makes it good or bad is the person who uses it.  I hate using the terms 'white' and 'black' when describing Magick, however, I used them here because beginners may find the cut and dried explanation more helpful to understanding Magick.  In all actuality there is NOT 2 kinds of Magick.  Magick simply is.

If I had to classify what is taught in these classes as either White or Black Magick I would have to say White because no agressive or attacking abilities are taught here.  What is taught are the abiltites that will let you do magick to improve your life and that will help you defend or prevent people from using magick against you.  I do caution those who tend to be pulled to the "darker" uses of Magick.  Everything we do in this world, not just involving magick, but everything we do in life comes back to us in one form or another.  If you do good, good shall come back to you.  If you do evil, you will get evil in return.  Basically,  everything in the world is connected, you harm somethng in the world it will come back to you.  I am not saying all experiences in life are a direct consequence of what you do in life.  In life there are lessons to learn as well so even if you live a "perfect" life you would most likely have bad experiences.  Not to say all lessons are bad experiences, but it seems the hardest lessons are viewed as bad rather then opportunities for growth.  There are many good or "happy" lessons to learn as well.  If it helps, think of it like a pond.  If you throw a rock into the pond it will create small ripples.  As these pebbles move away from the rock the ripples get bigger and bigger until eventually they hit the other side of the pond where they bounce back to you.  So for your own sakes, make sure the "pebbles" or deeds you throw in the "pond" or world are those that will only bring you luck and happiness.


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When doing or learning these  techniques it is best to go to a quiet corner of your house or try listening to soft music to drown out background noises.  Also remember to take phone off the hook and go to the bathroom before hand.

Relaxation:  To relax just sit or stand (I don't recommend lying down as that is a signal to most peoples body's to go to sleep), close your eyes and and take 3 deep slow breaths.  Turn your attention to your toes.  Tell them to relax and if you can, see a golden glow come forth from them.  Then turn your attention to your feet and tell them to relax and see the golden glow if possible.  Do this until you get up to the top of your head, your scalp.  Take about 5 minutes a day twice a day practicing this.

Visualization:  In magick visualization is used to direct the energy of spells, meditations, raising energy, etc.  Visualization is the ability to form and hold images within your minds eye.  If you can think up a picture mothers face right now, remember what a childhood toy looked like or see a wilderness scene in your mind that's visualization!  To practice visualization examine an object before hand such as a feather or pencil or vase and then close your eyes and try to reform the image you saw in your minds eye.  Try to see it clearly as if you were looking at it.  Once you can do that, mentally turn the object as if you were turning it around with your hands physically.  Mentally make it grow and shrink.  See it from above and below.  In your minds eye imagine yourself viewing it from the perspective of an ant walking along the objects surface, see what the ant would see.  If your mind wanders gently bring your attention back to the image you were visualizing.  Frusteration will only hinder you.  Your goal is to hold the image of one object in your mind to the exclusion of any other thoughts or images.  Take about 5 minutes a day twice a day practicing this.

Clearing The Mind:  Clearing the mind helps enhance your control of your mind.  Most peoples minds rule them rather then them rule it.  To clear the mind relax and just work at thinking of nothing.  Lose awareness of everything around you if possible.  If it helps, just look at the back of your eyelids and don't think about what you see, merely observe without thought.  If you are successful in this you will think of nothing and you will not be aware of anything really, not even your body.  If you say in your head "Oh this isn't so hard to do" then you are not doing it right.  You must completely clear your mind and that means no thoughts or images etc. will surface in your conscious mind.  Take about 5 minutes a day twice a day practicing this.

Sensing and Moving Energy:  There is energy all around us, within us, etc.  Energy exsist in almost everything. If you can sense the energy you can learn to move and use it.  Learning to sense and move the energy that is naturally within you is a good place to start.  If you can not feel and move the energy within yourself, how can you move the energy around you? Here is the technique for moving your personal energy:
Relax and clear your mind.  Visualize like a lake within your head and a lake at the bottom of your feet.  Let this lake in your head pour water down, like a waterfall, to the lake below in your feet.  You may feel this as a pull downward or tingles when you do it. After a few moments of this visualization, reverse the waterflow so it is like a water spout coming from the bottom lake up to the top lake.  You may feel lighter or tingles when you do this.  Now just have the waterfall from the top of your head go down your right side, hit the bottom lake and then come up your left side up to the lake in your head.  Now you have a circular energy flow pattern going on here.  After a few moments of that, reverse the circular energy flow pattern so it goes in the opposite direction.  Take about 5-10 minutes twice a day with this technique.

It is recommended for you to take AT LEAST TWO weeks to practice and learn the techniques
above before continuing on with the classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. You state that magic can be done by all, so why are there specialists in society(shaman, medicine men), if every one can do it?
Answer:  Because there are those who have more of a natural skill.  For example: we can all play basket ball..but some of us can play it better than others.  That is true with any skill whether it be art, music or math.  If you wish something that is past your level of understanding or training or knowledge, you seek one who has more knoweldge.

2. You state that the use of demons isn't magical, this then negates the tradition of Goetia and Enochia, which involve the
invocation of angels and other spirits.
Answer: As was said, Magick is natural.  It uses natural energies. When you start using the help of other beings not of this plane or world you are not preforming magick. The entity is.

3. What is your definition of the word "Witch"?
Answer: A Witch by defintion is a person who bends energy and shapes it to his or her will.  A Witch was also defined in the ancient past as a wise woman or man.  Now a days most people associated Witches as practitioners of certain religions such as Wicca and other forms of Witchcraft.  All definitions are correct.

4.  Where does one draw the line between Divinity and Demonology?
Answer:  Some say the divine is on this realm.  It is only invisible to the untrained eye.  If a demon naturally existed in this realm it would exsist freely on this plane. It would not need someon to summon it or bring it here.  As for Divine, if you read and research about it, those said to be demons were cast out of this realm. It is so by most ancient cultures.

5. Where does energy go after its spent?
Answer: If you are using it for a spell it goes into the spell.  Like, the energy used to run or talk.  If you use energy to goes into running.

6.  What happens if you encounter someone who has an intense ego problem.  For example he thinks he's at a highrer level than you.
Answer:  Most times those who claim to be high and mighty are not.  Those who are adepts do not usually brag. They have no need to.  They know what they can do.  Why tell others.

7. I would like to learn to meditate but i cant seem to vanquish the outside noise from my thoughts.
Answer:  Try getting a soft music tape or cd and listening to it with your earphones on. It's easier to get your mind to concentrate on one sound when trying to get it to ignore all.

8. If I visualize myself doing something, should I visualize it from a first person point of view (through my eyes), or from a second person point of view (watching myself)?
Answer:  Either way, try both and see which works better for you.

9. How do I "gently bring" my attention back to the image I was visualizing?
Answer:  Don't get frustrated, just bring it back to your view.  Don't let emotion get involved, be patient.

10. How would we time our exercises?  That seems to be my main problem.  I can get a picture, play with it, and discover that I have been doing it for less than 5 minutes.
Answer: You can use a timer or an alarm clock.  You can also use a stop watch to time how long you can visualize.  Hold the stop watch in your hand and start it the second you visualize the object and then stop it when you lose the image and see how long you were able to keep the visualization going.

11.  When I blank my mind I still hear music.  Does music in your head count as a thought?
Answer: Yes.  A truly blank mind thinks of nothing.  It is not aware of it's body.  It sees nothing, and if it does it's blackness.

12.  My mind won't calm itself, it won't stay blank!
Answer:  Patience and practice are in order.  You must be patient with yourself and practice in order for you to learn to clear your mind.  Eventually your mind will understand and listen to you.

13.  For the Water Fall (moving personal energy) technique, does it help to stand up or does positioning matter?
Answer:  Position doesn't matter, find what works best for you.

14.  When I try meditating or doing the techniques, I start itching and wanting to move and it seems my body is purposefully trying to distract me.  What should I do?
Answer:  You need to learn to still your mind.  Most everyones mind when they first start out causes all sorts of 'tickles' and 'itches'.  In time and practice this will fade.

15.  I don't feel my personal energy when I'm moving it etc.
Answer:  Because you are not used to moving your energy it takes time to become sensitive to it.  Also you most likely have "blocks" which is basically clogs of energy blocking free energy flow.  Don't worry, most people who do not practice have them and they also contribute to bad health among other things.  With regular practice, the blocks will be loosened and go away in time.  Patience and practice are in order for becoming sensitive to energy.