Fire is brilliant.  It is explosive, it is immediate.
Fire is passionate, protecting, and strong.
Fire is the element of the spiritual body,
of change, and of the spiritual plane.

The Elementals of Fire are the Salamanders,
and they control to a great degree the movement
of a candle flame, a bonfire,
a bolt of lightning, and electricity.
They can be found in any spark or fire.

Fire is Masculine.
Its direction is South.
Its Symbol is the Athame.
Its colors are reds and oranges.
Summer is its season, and its time is Noon.

Fire Magick may be used in creating a needed change,
Purification, Activation, Rebirth,
Burning away an illness.

Fire Magick Topics

Attuning To Fire
Fire Spells
Candle Magick
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