Class #3: Manifesting Energy/Energy Balls

This class will include:  Manifesting Energy to Create Energy Balls

Technique-wise this class will include:  Manifesting Energy to Create Energy Balls.

Manifesting Energy to Create Energy Balls

To Manifest Energy simply means to move that energy within yourself to the outside world, outside of your body.  When the energy is outside of your body you can form it into energy forms to use in spells and other things.


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Manifesting Energy To Create Energy Balls:  Relax, clear your mind and than gather energy into your stomach, when you feel like you can hold no more energy in your stomach.  Now place your hands parallel to eachother.  They should be facing eachothers palms.  Next, visualize the energy moving from your stomache to your arms, through your arms, then out your hands.   Try to feel the energy moving through your body. Once it reaches your hands, your hands might start to feel tingly, or warm, or cold, etc. Remember everyone experiences things differently so if you get a different feeling in your hands than someone else that doesnt mean your doing it wrong.  As it flows out of your hands mold the energy into a ball as if you were molding clay. At this point most peopel feel a pressure building between their hands. This is the energy.  If you move your hands together slightly and back apart, this will help you feel the energy gathered between your hands. If the energy seems to disapear that's because it is.  It is dissipating and losing it's form.  To correct this you might want to visualize a glass ball surrounding the energy ball keeping the energy together and in a ball shape. You can control the size and density of the ball through visualization also.  After working on creating energy balls for awhile you can try stretching and shaping the energy into different things. For now it is best to start with softball size balls.  When you're finished with the exercise it is best to reabsorb
the energy to prevent more energy loss than necessary.  To do this just visualize the energy stream back into your hands, up your arms, and back down into your stomach until the ball is gone.  If you start feeling dizzy or spaced out it might be from the
energy you reabsorbed. If this happens just ground yourself.

It is recommended for you to take AT LEAST ONE week to practice and learn the techniques
above before continuing on with the classes.
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I make energy balls do specific things?
Answer: Yes, eventually.  For now just worry about being able to create them.

2.  Why should I reabsorb the energy back into myself?  What does it matter if I just let it go?
Answer:  Because if you do not reabsorb it or Ground the energy it will be floating around and that can be bad as the floating energy can dirty your energy up or others around you.  Also, if it's neutral energy it can be programmed accidently through emotions and thoughts and cause unintentional problems.  It's best to just reabsorb or Ground the energy when you are done.