Attuning To Earth
The best way to attune to an element is to get out in and/or around it!  Here are a few activities to help get you more in tune with earth:

  Walk barefoot.
  Go camping.
  Do some gardening.
  Go hiking.
  Go spelunking.  (Cave exploring)
  Visit an arboretum.
  Visit a zoo.

When doing all these things, think about how earth affects you.  Why earth exists.  How it fits into your everyday life.  How it supports life, how it is life.  Feel its stability, its fertility.  Below is more information about earth to help give you more ideas on how you can attune to it:

Nature:  Fertile, fresh, nurturing, stable, grounding, gravity.

Energy Type:  Receptive.

Some Places:  Caves, canyons, chasms, forests, groves, valleys, fields, farms, gardens, arboretums, parks, plant nurseries, farmer's markets, kitchens, baby nurseries, basements, mines, holes.

Some Magickal Properties:  Money, prosperity, fertility, stability, grounding, employment.

Some Magickal Forms: Burying, planting, making images in soil/sand.

Some Magicks Ruled:  Gardening, magnet, image, stone, tree, knot.