Earth is stable.  It is solid, it is growth.
Earth is grounding, homey and nurturing.
Earth is the element of the phyiscal body,
of prosperity, and of the physical plane.

The Elementals of Earth are the Gnomes,
and they control to a great degree the stirrings
and actions of the earth, mountains, plants,
animals and soil.  Gnomes can be found anywhere earth exists,
in a single stone and a mountain.

Earth is Feminine.
Its direction is North.
Its Symbol is the Pentacle.
Its colors are black, green and brown.
Spring is its season, its time is Midnight.

Earth Magick may be used in creating stability where it is needed,
Drawing abundance and prosperity into your life,
Healing wounds of the physical.

Earth Magick Topics

Attuning To Earth

Stone Magick