Dragons are astral beings who usually have little contact with the human race overall.  Generally, they are very wise, powerful and hold great knowledge, especially the older ones.  The more venerable ones are less likely to make any kind of contact with humans than the younger ones.  However, the older ones are always watching over the younger ones.  They just do not stop the younger ones from coming to humans if they so choose.  They will *not* allow any harm to befall the younger ones.  You may not be aware of their presence, but they *will* be watching.  Dragons work with and/or contact those who they deem worthy.  The best way to offend and invoke Dragons' wrath is to be egotostical and/or try to control them or anything/anyone they care for.  They do not hate humans but at the same time they are not fond of them nor are they easy to give their trust to one.  They look for the honest, unlazy, pure of heart, humble and confident to work with and/or befriend.

There are many kinds of Dragons out there.  There are those Dragons which live closely with particular elements and are usually referred to Water Dragons, Earth Dragons, etc.  Dragons are all shapes, sizes, colors, types, etc.  There are Dragons with and without wings.  There are Dragons with and without legs.  The list goes on.  Dragons are very touchy about privacy and confidentiality which is why this section is so brief.