Class #4: Incorporating Color Into Energy

This class will include:  Incorporating Color Into Energy and Basic Color Meanings In Magick.

Technique-wise this class will include:  Incorporating Color Into Your Energy Balls.

Incorporating Color Into Energy

Incorporating Color Into Energy will help you in your energy control as well as further assist you in generating different kinds of energy for spell work etc.  Different colors have different attributes and do different things.

Basic Color Meanings In Magick

Different colors have different meanings in magick etc. For example red symbolizes passion, fire, sex, energy in general. Green symbolizes fertility, life, money etc. Below is a list of the basic meanings of colors in magick:

Red: Energy, Strength, Passion, Courage, Fire, Quickness, Sex, Driving Force, Love, Survival.
Yellow: Intelligence, Accelerated Learning, Memory, Logic, Breaking Mental Blocks, Air.
Green: Earth, Physical Healing, Monetary Success, Abundance, Fertility, Flora, Growth, Personal Goals, Life, Money.
Blue: Wisdom, Protection, Calm, Water, Soothing, Relaxation.
Purple: Psychic Abilities, Divination.
Brown: Friendship, Animals, Ecological Healing, Stability.
Orange: Ambition, General Success, Vibrancy.
Copper: Professional Growth, Success in Business, Career Maneuvers.
Gold: Wealth, Masculine Energy, Happiness, Humor.
Silver: Intuition, Dreams, Astral Energies, Feminine Energy.
Pink: Romantic Love, Healing of Emotions, Peace, Affection, Caring, Nurturing.
Black: Protection, Repelling Negativity.  Contains no Color.
White: Spirituality, Higher Self, Purity.  Contains All Other Colors.


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Incorporating Color Into Energy Balls:   The technique is the same as the previous class thought with some changes.  Gather energy into your stomach, when you feel like you can hold no more energy in your stomach; visualize the energy moving from your stomach to your arms, through your arms, then out your hands like you did before.  Try to feel the energy moving through your body. Once it reaches your hands, your hands might start to feel tingly, or warm, or cold, etc. Remember everyone experiences things differently so if you get a different feeling in your hands than someone else that doesnt mean your doing it wrong.  As it flows out of your hands mold the energy into a ball as if you were molding clay but now add color to your energy. See the energy ball as red or blue or green etc.  Try to incorperate sensation with this such as red feeling
warm or hot, blue feeling icy or cool, green feeling stable and fresh like earth etc. Sometimes you will feel sensations like this without even trying to incorperate them, this is normal!  Moving your hands together and then apart will help you feel the energy gathered between your hands. If the energy seems to disapear it is dissipating.  To correct this visualize a glass ball surrounding the colored energy ball keeping the energy together and in a ball shape. You can control the size and density of the ball all also.  After working on creating color energy balls for awhile you can try changing the color of the ball once it is formed. For example making a red energy ball turn blue.  This can be difficult as you must change the color of the ball COMPLETELY.  Usually people only change the color partially, it takes practice.  For now it is best to start with 1 color at a time.  When your finished with the exercise reabsorb the energy by visualizing the energy stream back into your hands, up your arms and down into your center until the ball is gone.  If you start feeling dizzy or spaced out it might be from the energy you reabsorbed. If this happens just ground yourself.  Practice this no more then 10 mins a day twice a day.  You should practice will all the colors mentioned above.

It is recommended for you to take AT LEAST TWO week to practice and learn the technique
above before continuing on with the classes.
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it necessary if your drawing on an energy outside of yourself?
Answer:  If it is a foreign energy ground it or reabsorb it (if it's earth energy).  If you start feeling weird after absorbing simply ground yourself.

2.  Can other people see the balls or do they need to have abilities devceloped to see them as well?
Answer:  To see the energy balls, generally speaking, they would need to be able to see clairvoyantly.  Most anyone can feel them if they put their hand in it though! (If the creator of the ball can make them strong and dense enough)

3.  Can the creator of the energy balls see them?
Answer: You can see them in the minds eye through visualization or through clairvoyant vision.  The purpose of the exercise isn't to see it though.  The purpose is to produce a stable ball of energy that keeps a stable  form, color and density.

4.  Could you define 'foreign' energy?
Answer:  Foreign energy as in it does not come from yourself.

5. Why is the energy ball always coming up white?
Answer:  Probably because that is an easy color for you to visualize.  Through repeated practice you will become better at visualizing and generating other colors.

6.  What if I cant see colors when I visualize?
Answer:  Work more on visualization and then come back to colored energy balls and that should clear the problem up.  Or, get a piece of small paper and color it a certain color with markers.  Then study it and do the visualization technique given in the first class.