Class #6: Cleansing The Chakras

This class will include:  Cleansing The Chakras

Technique-wise this class will include:  Cleansing The Chakras

Cleansing The Chakras

Why clean the Chakras?  The point of cleaning the chakras is to keep energy flow through them smooth and unobstructed.  When you begin working with the chakras and they are open they are also vulnerable in a way.  Open, they sense and respond more to stimuli thereby affecting you more than if they are closed so it is best to keep them spic and span just like it's good to keep your physical body clean.  Also if you come in contact with many sick people or situations/areas with energies that aren't quite 'sanitary' it is best to clean your chakras to get rid of that unbalanced energy so it does not affect you.  You can also clean your chakras when sick to speed your recovery.  You will notice a huge difference after you clean them.  Maybe not so at first, but with repeated practice you will.  After awhile, if you go without cleaning your chakras and then do so you will notice it big time.  Also, if you are getting a sore throat for example it is a good idea to cleanse the throat chakra to combat the sickness.  Cleaning chakras boils down to one thing, health and smoother energy flow.


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Cleaning The Chakras:  There are 2 ways given that you can use to cleanse the chakras.  The first way is by visualizing a white ball of  light coming down from the sky and stopping infront of the chakra and striking the chakra with white light, blasting any dirt or negativity off of it. Do this for each chakra.  The second way is visualize the ball of light sucking any dirt of the chakras. Do this for each one as well.  There is no set time period for how long it takes to clean your chakras. If you wish, you can combine the exercises and see it blasting the dirt away then sucking any left overs off.  I recommend doing either exercise 3 times a week when first beginning.  After a few weeks of practice you can lower it to once per week.

It is recommended for you to take AT LEAST ONE week to practice and learn the technique
above before continuing on with the classes.
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I know when my chakras are clean?
Answer:  You will most likely feel different.  Relaxed.  You can even feel 'lighter' now that all that excess gunk is off of you.  You will notice some difference when you are finished and even during the process.

2.  How often should I clean?
Answer: When first beginning about 3 times a week and after you've done it for a couple weeks you should do it at least once a week.  If you really want to be a clean freak, you can clean everyday though once a week is usually fine unless you do LOTS of psychic work like readings, healings etc. or you deal with LOTS of people at your job or if you are just a social person.  If you do psychic readings, healings, etc. it is good to cleanse after each session.