Candle Spells

The Fires of Justice:  Someone do something EXCEEDINGLY horrible and you feel they should be held responsible for their actions in a Just way, this spell is what is needed.  However, assure your slate is clean because you too shall be held responsible for your own actions:

What you need:  Red Candle. 

What to do:  Set the candle on a table and light it.  Let it burn for a few moments.  Gaze into it and relax.  Now begin to think of what the person did that was horrible, try not to attach any emotion to it.  Think about it for five minutes while gazing into the flame (blink normally).  After five minutes of thought recite this charm with confidence and clarity:

"Fires of Justice
I call to thee!
Let (persons name) know
What (s/he) did to me!

Fires of Justice
I do request
Just and Fair dealings
At your behest.

Fires of Justice
By the laws of return
Rule in this case,
Make (persons name) learn."

Let the candle burn for a few minutes then pinch it out.  Repeat every night for 3 days using the same candle.  Bury the candle or melt it down (so you can reform a new candle if candlemaking interests you) after you are finished with it.

Sweet Slumber:  Plauged by nightmares?  Whip out a black candle:

What you need:  Black Candle. 

What to do:  Set the black candle on a table by your bed if you can.  Sit on your bed and light it.  Gaze at the flame.  Visualize yourself sleeping peacefully throughout the whole night.  While visualizing this chant:

"I Banish all the shades of fright
Who lurk within me every night!
Banished Banished Banished be
Mare of night I ward against thee!"

Visualize cleansing pure fire spreads out from the candle and covers the entire room and yourself.  Visualize shades of darkness and nightmares burn up and flee from the room and your mind.  Let the candle burn for a few minutes and then snuff it out knowing that you can have a peaceful slumber.