The C Stones
Carnelian:  Translucent Red-Orange To Rust
Magickal Properties:  Protection, Peace, Eloquence, Healing, courage, Sexual Energy, Increases Appetite, Increases Energy, Increases Physical Power, Increases Courage, Grounding, Self-Confidence.

Cat's Eye:  Yellowish Brown
Magickal Properties:  Wealth, Beauty, Gambling, Protection, Healing, Glamoury, Invisibility, Insight, Perception, 3rd Eye Chakra Stimulant, Good Judgement, Seeing With Clarity, Clarity of Ideas, Grounding, Aids in relieving tension and spasms in the head and neck area.

Citrine:  Translucent Yellow-Orange
Magickal Properties:  Anti-Nightmare, Protection, Psychism,Stability, Practical Application of Ideas, Adds energy and Emotional Balance, Rational approach toward things, Elimination of toxins from the body and Grounding to here and now.

Crazy-Lace Agate:  Pink, Blue and White Stripes
Magickal Properties:  Emotional Balance, Emotional Protection, Emotional Grounding.

Clear Calcite:  Clear Refracting Stone
Magickal Properties:  Aids in Spirituality Rituals, Doubling Power in a Rite, Psychism and Contemplation.