The B Stones
Barthite:  Reddish-brown mixed with Greyish Pyritic Ore
Magickal Properties:  Grounding, Earth Magick, Good For Gnome Contact, Can Draw Out Illness.

Black Tourmaline:  Opauqe Spike-Like Black
Magickal Properties:  Grounding, Earth Magick, Proective, Absorbs negativity when charged for that purpose, Shielding, Pushes all negativity away from you including your own.

Bloodstone:  Dark Green with Red Spots
Magickal Properties:  Halting Bleeding, Healing, Victory, Courage, Wealth, Strength, Power, Legal Matters, Business, Invisibility, Agriculture, Protection Against Injury and Disease, Blood Purifier, Aids in Circulation.  Helps with Headaches, Bloodshot eyes, Kidneys, Heart Attack and High Blood Pressure.

Blue Calcite:  Transparent Blue
Magickal Properties:  Healing, Purification and Doubling The Power of a Rite.

Blue Lace Agate:  Blue with Bands & Stripes
  Magickal Properties:  Peace, Happiness, Relieves Stress, Calms Psychic Atmosphere and Calms Family Quarrels.