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The 'Gordons', for those who don't already know, emerged around 1980 as the first incarnation of New Zealand/New York band Bailterspace. The following account is from a newspaper article, which gives a brief chronolocical history of the 'Gordons' and their development into Bailterspace in its current form.

the life and times... as compiled by Russell Baillie (NZ Herald * 15/5/97)

March 22, 1980 - Having formed in Christchurch, 'the Gordons' play their first show. They head out on their first national tour six months later. Their van breaks down and are stuck in Wellington for six weeks; they record seven songs for an album at Sausage Studio. Unfortunately the tapes are wiped by an engineer.

October 20, 1980 - First show in Auckland at the Rumba Bar. "A band out of the ordinary. And yes, you can dance to them" says Simon Grigg of Rip It Up (and he should know). They record the Future Shock 7-inch single at Harlequin and press 1000 copies.

Late 1980-81 - More tours, reputation grows.

Late 1981 - Back in Auckland, Gordons record album (Volume One) at Harlequin in one 22-hour stint sometime in October. released at the end of 1981 with press release stating: "If you don't buy our album, we will blow you up. Love, 'the Gordons'." Album voted best of 1981 by Rip It Up readers; the band disintegrates about the same time.

September 1, 1983 - Band re-emerge to play at Christchurch's Gladstone Hotel with Vince Pinker replacing Alister on guitar. Begin recording an Album.

March 1984 - Tour of NZ.

July 1984 - Gordons Volume Two released by Flying Nun.

Late 1984 to 1986 - The original Gordons reform and re-record (possibly over one New Years Eve) the lost Sausage sessions. Tape is given to Wellington label Jayrem but then the band get cold feet and grab it back. The master remains in the band's vault. McLachlan is in Wellington, where he has hooked up with the Skeptics and is setting up a recording studio called Writhe.

Late 1986 - Parker forms a band called Nelsh Bailter Space with Hamish Kilgour (ex-Clean), Ross Humphries and Glenda Bills. This line-up records an EP of the same name which appears in December 1987 on Flying Nun, along with a 7-inch single, New Man. Humphries and Bills leave the band and John Halvorsen, working as a graphic artist in Christchurch, joins Parker and Kilgour in the band now known as Bailter Space.

May 1988 - The trio head to Writhe to record the album Tanker. McLachlan is the engineer.

July 1988 - Bailter Space head to New York and play with the Bats at the New Music Seminar. Kilgour stays on in America.

1989 - Halvorsen is living in Wellington and a new Bailter Space is formed with McLachlan on drums. They record Thermos, again for Flying Nun. McLachlan and Halvorsen are also playing and recording in the Skeptics.

1991 - The band heads off on a world tour that sees Bailter Space spend time in Germany and America. Hooking up with US label Matador, they plan to base themselves in New York, but head home to record an EP, The Aim, and an album, Robot World, in 1992.

1993 - Initially living in Germany, the band then settle in New York, which has remained the group's base since. They record the Vortura album in New York that year.

March 1994 - A world tour begins with a triumphant trip around New Zealand, then heads through Europe and America.

1995 - Wammo is recorded in New York and released by Matador and Flying Nun. Huge tour of America. European tour with Matador bands Railroad Jerk and Helium.

January 1996 - A return to New Zealand for two months, touring and recording 10 tracks for new album. Return to New York. The album is worked on in various studios throughout the year.

January 1997 - Return to New Zealand again with the master tapes of completed Capsul album.

March 1997 - Back to New York.

May 1997 - Album released. American tour looming.

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