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These pages are primarily a vehilce for displaying my own photographs of bailterspace as well as providing some information on the band for those who aren't already 'in the know', or are just plain curious. I will also try my best to keep recent band info updated as regularly as time allows.

For the record, this is not an 'official' bailterspace site - unfortunately, Alister's is no longer in commission. In fact the domain is now up for sale.

s p a t i a l > N E W Z : - -

@ April 2004

bailterspace - That's the name of the new album!
And why not?

Or should I say, the 'new compilation album'.
That's right! Flying Nun is due to release a timely collection of bailterspace treasures in May. And this is how it looks:

1. X
2. Pass It Up
3. Splat
4. Shine
5. DarkBlue
6. Colors
7. Robot World
8. GlimmerDot
9. Capsul
10. Grader Spader
11. SoLa
12. Tanker
13. At 5
14. Shadow
15. Skin
16. the Aim
17. Argonaut
18. The Today Song

Click HERE for the whole spiel on the 'new album' from the lovely folks at Flying Nun.

Notable inclusions: 'GlimmerDot' "originally released on split 45 7" by US label Amphetamine Reptile Records" - hard to find this release, and one I personally haven't heard yet. 'Shadow' - just great song, I'm glad it got the recognition it deserves. 'DarkBlue' however, seems an odd choice; selected possibly for it's high tempo dynamic. 'SoLa' - I'm just not sure why this got the nod over other tracks on 'Capsul'.

Notable Exclusions: 'Begin' - what better place to start? 'Your Invisible Life' off 'Tanker' - because they're 'classics'. 'Tag', 'Dome', 'Shield', 'Collider' off 'Capsul' - all better songs than 'SoLa' im my opinion. And of course, the most obvious omission is any contribution from 'Solar.3' - mostly due I suspect, to the album being a Wildside Records release. There is also nothing off the 'Photon' E.P. - perhaps 'U.H.F.' might have just made the grade. No 'Projects' (or E.I.P.), no 'Retro' - regular songs in live sets, and prominent enough to be heard on more than one release.

Overall, I think the compilation has been selected for continuity. By that I mean, the songs seem to have been chosen for their logical sonic cohesion over a decade of releases. Rather than the predictable chronology of singles/hits that many long serving bands have gone with.

Will there be a tour in the pipeline as well perhaps? We can but hope.

@ January 2004

Wow, first update of the millennium!
I hope no-one has been holding their breath for vital information on the whereabouts or happenings from the band, because... well, there isn't a lot to tell.
Since we were given the Solar.3 album back in 1998, there hasn't been much activity from the band as far as releases are concerned. In fact, there's been nothing at all.

The last few years have seen bailterspace in a hiatus stage. Have they disbanded - split up - called it quits? Not as far as I'm aware. Let's just say 'they're taking a break'.
John is currently living back in Wellington, while Alister and Brent are still residing in New York.

The last reported sighting was of a show Alister Parker did in March 2003 at the Kings Arms with Gary Sullivan and Meterman ... which sadly, I missed.
As far as John and Brent are concerned, I have no clue what they have been up to.
If anyone has ANY information at all about bailterspace and their recent status, please feel free to EMAIL ME!!

After Turnbuckle (the small Indie NY based label they were with) folded, the band was apparently left out of pocket. However, there has been material recorded over the intervening years between now and then according to a 'reliable source'. So, keep your ears and eyes open - there may possibly be something on the horizon.

In other news...

I received an email from Stuart Page, the maker of Skeptics A.F.F.C.O. video. He has a webpage up containing some stills and the story behind the making of what remains one of the most controversial music videos ever made in NZ. You can find it HERE.

And, Dino from HDU recently informed me that they are in the process of working on a new release due out the first half of this year!

That's about all for now - I know a lot of the links are not working on the links page, but when I find a spare day i'll fix them up.
Stay posted, I will do my best to get the dirt on the bailterstatus for the diehards out there.


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